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A Closer Look at Oak Tree Manor

Where Every Celebration Finds Its Perfect Setting

Take a look around Oak Tree Manor! Our venue has everything you might need for your special occasion, from a cozy bridal home and a fun groom’s suite, to a refreshing pool and a charming gazebo. Don’t miss our famous oak tree where many couples and families have celebrated under its branches. We also have a spacious reception hall and beautiful grassy areas ready for any indoor or outdoor event. 

Whether you are interested in staying for a few nights for a traditional bed and breakfast experience or in finding the perfect place for your wedding or special event, we welcome you at Oak Tree Manor. Scroll through the photos below to see the unique spaces around our property where you can create lasting memories.

At Oak Tree Manor, we provide the canvas;
you provide the dreams.

Bridal House

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Groom’s Suite and Cottage

Reception Hall


Live Oak Tree and Outdoor Receptions

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