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Welcome to Oak Tree Manor, a cherished landmark with a rich history dating back to 1876. Originally built by German immigrants, our venue has witnessed the passage of time, from horse-drawn carriages to modern-day celebrations. Nestled on Spring Stuebner Road amidst century-old oak trees, Oak Tree Manor offers a picturesque setting for weddings, quinceañeras, corporate events, and more. Our historic site, surrounded by majestic oaks, exudes charm and elegance, making it an ideal backdrop for any occasion.

This now one-hundred and forty-year old home was built in 1876 by German immigrants during the time of horse-drawn carriages, railroad tracks, and old saloons. The original homesteaders were the Wunsche Family of Old Town Spring.“Oak Tree Manor,” as it was originally called, sits on its historic site on Spring Stuebner Road and is surrounded by century-old oak trees, some more than two hundred years old. One Live Oak has qualified to appear in the Harris County Tree Registry, and one Willow Oak has been recognized as a county-wide champion in its category.

On our majestic property lies our Bridal House with a master bedroom, 2 living rooms, a makeup/changing room, and a full kitchen. Additionally, our groom’s suite and cottage features a master bedroom as well as an entertainment room, and a groom’s terrace. To enhance your experience on our property we also have a stunning Gazebo, a pool, and a reception hall. For generations, numerous weddings have been performed under the shade of our two-hundred-year-old oak tree. Local folklore has it that weddings under this tree will be blessed with happiness, children, and of course, long-lasting love.

Today, Oak Tree Manor and its majestic oaks continue to oversee the weddings of countless couples as they take the first few steps of their married lives. We also continue to host couples who wish to have a traditional bed and breakfast experience. Experience the timeless beauty and warm hospitality of Oak Tree Manor, where every event is a celebration to remember.

Meet Maggie

Magdalena Jacobo, the visionary owner of Oak Tree Manor, is a testament to hard work and resilience. A Latina single mother of four boys, Magdalena dreamed of something bigger for her family and understood that entrepreneurship was the best way to make these dreams a reality.  Her strong will and determination led her to establish her first a cleaning business and then a bed and breakfast and wedding venue.

The purchase of the property now known as Oak Tree Manor was initially meant as a family home for her and her children. As her sons grew and the house felt emptier, Magdalena was inspired by one of her sons to turn the property into a bed and breakfast The idea of opening a simple B & B quickly transformed when the first booking turned out to be a request for a wedding venue. This marked the beginning of Oak Tree Manor’s reputation as a premier location for unforgettable weddings and events.

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Oak Tree Manor is family-owned and operated. With Maggie as a driving force, the creation of this magical place is a result of a combination of talent and skills contributed by each family member. Today, Oak Tree Manor not only hosts weddings but also quinceañeras, as well as open house events that support local photographers and chefs, fostering a community of wedding professionals.

Magdalena believes in giving back and sharing her blessings. Oak Tree Manor, once a bustling family home, now opens its doors to celebrate new beginnings, honor traditions, and help other business owners. It stands as a symbol of new opportunities and the beauty that can arise from embracing change and working together as a family.

"Welcome to Oak Tree Manor, where every celebration is a new beginning."

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