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About Oak Tree Manor
A History of
Oak Tree Manor

This now one-hundred and forty-year old home was built in 1876 by German immigrants during the time of horse drawn carriages, railroad tracks and old saloons. The original homesteaders were the Wunsche Brothers of Old Town Spring

“Oak Tree Manor,” as it was originally called, sits on its historic site on Spring Stuebner Road and is surrounded by century-old oak trees, some more than two hundred years old. One Live Oak has qualified to appear in the Harris Country Tree Registry, and one Willow Oak has been recognized as a county-wide champion in its category.

In recent years, the only major additions to the main house have been a living room and a master bedroom. Wherever possible, the original wood has been preserved. Most recently, a Gazebo, swimming pool, and reception hall have been added to the grounds. 

For generations, numerous weddings have been performed under the shade of the two-hundred year old oak tree. Local folklore has it that weddings under this tree will be blessed with happiness, children and, of course, long-lasting love. 

Today, Oak Tree Manor and its majestic oaks continue to overlook the weddings of countless couples as they take the first few steps of their married lives.

Oak Tree Manor Grounds

  • Oak Tree Manor
  • Live Oak and Gazebo
  • Oak Tree Wedding
  • Live Oak Reception Hall
  • Live Oak Reception Hall
  • Live Oak Reception Hall
  • Live Oak Reception Hall
  • Main Dining Room
  • Grand Serenity Suite
  • Bridal Changing Room

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